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We lost the recent U21 Tournament final to our arch rivals, again, when
we missed and they didn’t. How many times over the years has that been
the case? Is it our temperament, lack of skill or what? Imagine how
‘down and out’ those players are going to be?
Still pre-season training doesn’t start for another two weeks! Now the
close-season transfer talks begin in earnest, Club A won’t let their
player leave until they have secured a replacement, but Club B might not
wait, so Club A could miss out….so on and so on.
While this is going on all those hundreds of players released at the end
of their contracts are running around trying to get fixed up. They will
be available on a FREE transfer, so no fee is being paid, but the
‘signing on fees’ they will be looking for and length of contract
required will put off many a would be employer. It really is the silly
season. Still, it gives the papers a story to run and fans something to read.

The news that the British police are looking into the honesty of our
2018 World Cup bid should make us pause before laughing at others. If
anyone still believed in the integrity of football
administrators….here’s the proof that FIFA’s corruptive practices have
tarnished the world of football/soccer, call it what you like. Then
there is HILLSBOROUGH. I have had the honour of knowing Margaret
Aspinall from The Hillsborough Families Survivors Group for many years.
What a lady. What a result. At last members of the establishment will
be held to account for their actions. It has only taken 28 years to get
The Crown Prosecution Service to say yes, there is a case to be heard.
Amongst the many sad aspects of this case, will be more anger and
sorrow, because justice is taking so long and because ordinary folks
live’s as we are seeing so often, don’t seem to have the value of those
higher up the chain, either as a result of birth, or money.
As this is the first blog i have written, rather than someone else write
it for me, I feel I must mention the team I support, Sheffield United.
Last season they stormed to the top of Division One and I hope that
under the inspiring leadership of Chris Wilder, they will have another
amazing season. It means local rivalries will be renewed, with derby
games against Sheffield Wednesday. Nerve-racking affairs for both sets
of fans. I remember a long time ago making my debut for Sheffield United
junior side Oaks Fold against Sheffield Wednesday, the tension
indescribable. Still, we drew and I don’t think I had that bad
a game?

Heard about a new charity, well new to me that is, called Sport For
Freedom. They use sport as a preventable educational tool among the most
vulnerable in the UK. They also use sport fitness and adventure to
rehabilitate and reinvigorate the survivors of human trafficking back
into society. I am going to try and help them and if you would like to as
well, or just want to know more, their website is
As the villain in my book Dangerous Score is a people trafficker who the
good guys and girls try to take down, it seemed to tie in nicely with
the charity. I will have more to say about that in the near future. If
you support a team, I hope you get the squad you want for next season
and more importantly, they play good football and get the right results!


Mike Bearcroft

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